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Twin prime numbers

We know that there cannot be two consecutive prime numbers, except for the pair {2, 3}. This is obvious if we think that in any pair of consecutive numbers, one of them will be even. And the only even prime number is 2. Now we consider the following: are there two consecutive odd ones that are cousins? For example.
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4 useful techniques to treat addictive behaviors

Addictions can also be understood as a type of dependency and this can be related to the consumption of a specific substance or to the performance of a specific action. In addition, dependence on certain substances or behaviors affects the ability to make decisions and causes imbalances both emotionally, physically and mentally, which often destabilize family and friendship relationships, as well as the person's work environment.
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Square millimeters

We have a cube one meter side and we divide it into smaller cubes of one millimeter side. Now we put all the small cubes in line next to each other. How long will the row of squares be? Solution From a cube of one meter side we can extract 1000 * 1000 * 1000 = 1000 million cubes of one millimeter side.
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Dealing with Teen Emotions

Teen life isn’t like the movies. It’s stressful trying to balance school & homework, plus your family & social life. There’s drama and trauma to work through, too.Whether your best friend is canceling plans to spend more time with the next shiny object, or someone’s spreading rumors about you online, you’re upset and frustrated… yet again.
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