58 Jacques Lacan phrases of psychology and psychoanalysis

58 Jacques Lacan phrases of psychology and psychoanalysis

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Jacques-Marie Émile Lacan (1901-1981) was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, known for the theoretical contributions he made to Psychoanalysis based on Freud's analytical experience and reading, while incorporating elements of structuralism, structural linguistics, mathematics and philosophy. Here you can find the best phrases of Jacques Lacan for your personal delight.

Famous quotes by J. Lacan

All love is reciprocal even if it is not reciprocated.

To make tortillas it is necessary to break the eggs.

It is the world of words that creates the world of things.

You can love someone not only for what you have, but literally for what you lack.

I think where I am not, then I am where I do not think.

The symptoms, what you think you know about other people, may seem irrational, but it is because you take them in isolation, and you want to interpret them directly.

All desire is born in the absence.

Better, then, to give up who cannot join the horizon of the subjectivity of his time.

The first virtue of knowledge is the ability to face what is not evident.

To love is, above all, to want to be loved.

Anxiety as we know it always has a connection with a loss. With a relationship that has two faces and can fade simply by being replaced by something else. Something that no patient can face without feeling a feeling of vertigo.

The truth is the mistake that escapes deception and is reached from a misunderstanding.

The subject does not speak but is spoken.

Desire is always desire. Lack generates desire. The desire is never fully satisfied. The subject is subject to desire.

The symptom is a metaphor.

It is true only to the extent that we follow it.

You may come to know what he says, but not what the other heard.

In other words, the man who has to deal with the issues of a birth must be involved in the dynamics of the language given to him. Even before birth he was already being included in it.

Nobody talks about their own symptom.

Only idiots believe in the reality of the world, the real is unclean and must be endured.

If Freud focused things on sexuality it is because in sexuality, the talking being babbles.

You may know what he said, but never what the other heard.

An analyst does not know what he says, but he must know what he does.

Can there be anything that justifies fidelity, other than the determined word? However the word pawned many times is pawned lightly. If he did not pawn it that way, he probably pawned it much more rarely.

The desire takes place in that repercussion that arises from articulating the language at the level of the other.

A subject is a signifier for another signifier.

However, the analytical truth is not so mysterious, or that it is as a secret, so that it prevents us from recognizing the people who can direct their consciences to see the truth emerge spontaneously.

Life has only one meaning, to be able to play it and play life has some bet.

If you have understood, you are surely wrong.

What could be more convincing, however, than the gesture of putting one's own cards face up on the table?

The analyst only returns the inverted message to the analyzer, as if it were a mirror.

Reality is the support for the ghost of the neurotic.

We have the idea that it is with our brains that we think, but I particularly think with my feet. That is the only way that allows me to get in touch with something solid.

We are beings with the ability to desire but always incomplete, hence our walk.

The obvious usually goes unnoticed, precisely because it is obvious.

I love you, but, inexplicably and because I love something else, then I mutilate you.

Nothing satisfies the desire at all.

The unconscious is structured as a language.

Psychoanalysis is an extremely efficient instrument, and because every day it gains more prestige, it is in danger of being used for a different purpose for which it was created, and in this way we can degrade it.

There is no subject, if there is no signifier that melts it.

Only love makes joy condescend to desire.

The truth has a fictional structure.

Being a psychoanalyst is simply opening your eyes to the evidence that nothing is more crazy than human reality.

To love is to give what you don't have to who you are not.

All art is characterized by a certain mode of organization around that void.

The desire of the human is the desire of the other.

Who knows is not the analyst, who knows is the analyzer (analyzer = "patient"), is the assumption to know.

The analyst must be attentive to the full word.

Under the signifier there is nothing.

Only love makes joy condescend to desire.

When the loved one goes too far in betrayal of himself and persevere in self-deception, love does not follow him anymore.

I keep, but I don't expect anything.

The narrative, in effect, duplicates his drama from the comments, without which, no staging would be possible.

Only those who gave in their desire feel guilty.

An analyst does not know what he says, but it is his duty to know what he does.

It is the analyst's duty to take the place of the dead.

What does it matter how many lovers you can have if none of them can give you the universe?

The desire subjects the subject.

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