Work from home and not die trying

Work from home and not die trying

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Working from home may seem like an easy task, however, sometimes it is a challenge. The advantages of working from home are obvious, we have our own bathroom, we can get up to drink whenever we want, to eat and to disconnect from the task. We can also set our own schedules. On the other hand, we have our material and we can adapt everything to our comfort. So, Where do the problems lie? A little in yourself and a little in others.

When we work from home, those around us, for some reason, have the feeling that work is "less important." For example, being in the next room in front of a computer writing articles, is seen by others only as someone who is in front of the computer. If you have worked or work from home, the situations we are going to describe will sound like you. Too advice will be offered to communicate to others assertively that working from home is as important as being in an office. Let's get started!


  • 1 What problems can work from home work?
  • 2 Tips for working from home
  • 3 Know how to organize

What problems can work from home?

One of the main problems is the lack of understanding of our environment towards our work. When we work from home, the feeling is that we are simply in "the room". What does this mean? That if we live accompanied, by our parents or by our partner, they may be interrupting us quite regularly. With the excuse that we are at home, on many occasions, they ask us to do favors. "Hey, since you're here, help me with one thing," "Listen, can you come with me to buy something," "Look, I don't want to bother you, but see if you can help me out."

The main issue is knowing how to transfer to others that work from home is just as important as any other, that is, it requires time and dedication. By the fact of working sitting at the desk at home, it does not mean that the one who does it does not need to concentrate. In fact, it is quite easy to lose track of what we are doing if we are interrupted every so often. In addition, they can not only ask us for favors, but they approach and talk with us about any subject.

In this way, if they interrupt us every so often, work from home can be extended longer than necessary. What in principle could be done in a few hours a day, in the end it occupies almost the entire day and weekends. So that, it is not difficult to fall into an apparent workaholic. The "apparent" concept is used because from the outside it may seem like an addiction, but from the inside it is about recovering lost time.

Tips for working from home

First, it is important to practice assertiveness. Knowing how to communicate to others what we want properly will be key to success. Sometimes, when we try to defend our interests, we can be excessively violent due to lack of assertiveness. For example, if you ask us many favors when we are working, we can express that our work requires concentration and dedication in a kind but firm manner.

We can also ask if what they ask us is urgent or can wait until we finish our work. On the other hand, we can also make use of a comparative example. This is, We can show you that if we were in an office or any other place outside the home, they would not come looking for us to help them. It is true that providing help is a laudable act, but if it is something that would not come to us if we were away from home, why do they do it when we are working at home?

It is important to set a work schedule and communicate it to others. If necessary, it will be convenient to say that they imagine that we are not at home, except for something urgent or immediate. Another advantage of working from home is that we are more accessible, but as defended in this article, with certain limits. It is about establishing a few hours of work and let others know that during that period of time it is necessary to let us work.

Know how to organize

As mentioned a little above, Knowing how to organize is essential. Working from home also requires effort. On more than one occasion, those who work at home may be tempted to sleep a little longer or extend their rest longer than necessary. Thus, It is key to organize a good work schedule and respect it. It is preferable to spend the established hours working than to extend the task until late at night.

Nor should we forget the physical part. Normally, work at home is usually seated, like those that are in the office, so doing physical exercise several times a week will be important so that we do not establish ourselves in a sedentary life. Since the work takes place in the same place where we live, it will be great to use techniques such as mindfulness. In this way, we can disconnect the work from the everyday and reduce stress levels.

By last, it is advisable - if the house allows it - to allocate a specific room to work. When we are students, we usually study and sleep in the same room. In principle it is not entirely negative, but it is true that in times of more stress, studying and sleeping in the same room can be counterproductive. Why? Because we study and sleep in the same context, that is, we do not disconnect. With work it's the same, if we want to disconnect, it is best to allocate a stay only to work.