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How to try to achieve happiness in the relationship

How to try to achieve happiness in the relationship

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The following points are some ways to help you enjoy a slightly healthier relationship. It is not going to make a magic recipe for many people, but it can be a great help in the relationship and in life in general.

How to enjoy a healthy relationship

Then keep in mind the following recommendations:

Have your group of friends and share experiences with them. You can also share with your partner in groups.

Don't join your partner symbiotically, that your only environment is not your spouse. Here it would be good to quote the great Lebanese poet Jalil Gibran, when he talks about Marriage.

Says so:

  • Let there be spaces among you ... And may the wind of heaven dance among you.
  • Share your bread, but don't eat the same slice ... And be together, but not too close; Because the columns of the temple rise apart, and the oak and cypress do not grow in the shadow of the other.
  • Enjoy life, make it more and more enjoyable.
  • Say I am positive and I am an important person before me.
  • Maintain good family, work, professional relationships, etc.
  • Do physical exercise, this increases endorphins, so that physical and psychological well-being occurs, providing happiness, also increases self-esteem.
  • Try to be attractive to yourself. If you feel bad about your body image and can improve it, do it.
  • Fill your life with a job and activities that give you pleasure. Remember that work is mental health.
  • Make sea baths and sun moderately. The sea, its swell and movement produces body massage and salt provides iodine that helps the thyroid to function properly. Sea salt synthesizes vitamin D better. The sun helps fix calcium in the bones.
  • He attends sauna and Turkish baths, since the heat causes the muscles to relax and when the person sweats, it excretes toxic substances. Both the sauna and the Turkish bath are anti-stress.
  • Attend body massages, since physical contact reduces anxiety and relaxes the muscles.
  • Dedicate yourself to reading, here I quote Dr. Orlando Urdaneta Ballen, who in his book "The Development of Human Resources", in the processes of economic openness. In the dedication of the book it says the following: To the memory of my parents, who taught me that learning is one of the daily joys of life.
  • Always try to fix the problems and inconveniences that arise, in the relationship with your partner and avoid this happening to third party judgments, such as family, friends, etc. If you can't solve it alone, seek professional help.

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