50 phrases by Thomas Carlyle

50 phrases by Thomas Carlyle

Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881) was a Scottish satirist essayist, historian, teacher and writer, active during the Victorian era. He called the economy "the fatal science", wrote articles for the Edinburgh Encyclopedia and became a social polemicist.

Born into a strict Calvinist family, Carlyle was destined by his parents to the preacher career, but while studying at the University of Edinburgh he lost faith. However, he retained Calvinist values ‚Äč‚Äčthroughout his life. This combination of religious temperament and loss of faith in traditional Christianity made Carlyle's work attractive to many Victorians concerned with the political and scientific changes that threatened the traditional social order.

Carlyle assumed from his earliest works the philosophical duty to rebel against a world that gave everything to commercial relations and production needs. He learned from the German philosophers the strength of the human spirit and could not accept the fall in the gray intellectual apathy to which Europe looked doomed. Carlyle then demands an effort to escape from the sad and miserable man in which he seems to become a conscientious agitator.

Famous quotes by Thomas Carlyle

He who cannot keep his thoughts within himself will never accomplish great things.

A well written life is almost as rare as a well lived life.

The merit of originality is not in the novelty; It is in sincerity.

The best effect of any book is that which encourages its reader to action.

Astonishment is the basis of worship.

As long as hypocrisy persists, nothing can begin.

A slight falsehood is not order; It is the total sum of the disorder.

The biggest flaw, I should say, is not being aware of any.

Of a hundred that can withstand adversity, there is hardly one that can cope with prosperity.

With numbers you can demonstrate anything.

It is of no use to the man to lament the times in which he lives, but it is always possible to improve them.

Life is a spectrum that moves in a world of wraiths.

Adversity sometimes weighs very hard; but for a man who can resist prosperity there is a hundred who will resist misfortune.

The essence of humor is sensitivity, a warm sympathy and leg towards all forms of existence.

Faith write in loyalty to some inspired teacher, to some spiritual hero.

The first of nature's gifts is that force of reason that elevates us above our own passions and weaknesses, and that allows us to govern our desires, our talents and our virtues.

Music at a wedding always makes me think of the one that accompanies the soldiers who go to war.

Self-contemplation is infallibly the symptom of a disease.

We have absolutely forgotten that cash payment is not the only relationship between human beings.

No great man lives in vain; The history of the world does not go beyond being the biography of great men.

Education and courtesy open all doors.

The only duty of man is to always move forward.

Man does less than he should, unless he does everything he can.

The ideal is in you; the obstacle to its fulfillment too.

Talking is the art of suffocating and interrupting thinking.

We have left the ages of heroism, fallen deeply into the ages of servility, and must return or die.

If the seed is sown with faith and taken care of with perseverance, it will only be a matter of time to reap its fruits.

He can be a hero both the one who succeeds and the one who succumbs, but never the one who abandons the fight.

Delicate task of appeasing crowds, because doing so much can be as dire as doing nothing.

Every noble company seems at first impossible.

A great man demonstrates his greatness by the way he treats little ones.

The cult of heroes exists, has existed and will always exist with universal character in the bosom of humanity.

Only in a world of sincere men is union possible.

The man who has found his job can be considered blessed and not ask for greater happiness.

Nothing lifts a man so much above the small meanness of life as to admire, whatever it is or whoever it is.

The essence of the sense of humor is sensitivity, a warm and tender sympathy towards all forms of existence.

Surely, of all the rights of man, the only indisputable is the right of the ignorant to be guided by the wise to be led by the good or the bad, by the path of truth.

Genius is the infinite art of working with patience.

The present is the living total sum of the past.

The biography is the only true story.

In truth, the art of writing is the most miraculous thing of how many man has imagined.

Poetry is musical thought.

How many things are there in a laugh! It is the secret key with which an entire man is deciphered.

A true painting of the smallest man is able to interest the greatest man.

The story is the distillation of the rumor.

Become an honest man, and then you can be sure that there is one less rogue in the world.

There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune.

He who has faith is never alone.

Often the big ones are unknown or worse, poorly known.

In the history of the world, there will never be any man, no matter how great, who his fellow citizens become a god.

The most noble crown is, and will always be on the earth, a crown of thorns.

The three great elements of modern civilization: Gunpowder printing and Protestantism.

The mistery! Yes, a deep mystery envelops us. The more light, more mystery.

The poorest day that passes through our lives is the confluence of two eternities; It is formed by currents that flow from the most remote past and run into the future remote sea.

From the conquest we can say that it has never been produced by force and brutal imposition, because a conquest of this nature does not last. The conquest, as well as the power of imposition, must bring, something essential in every human society, some benefit with it, or else men with all their strength will reject it.

Is not repentance the most divine act in man?

We are the miracle of miracles, the great inscrutable mystery of God.