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The size of the penis, depending on the country of origin ...

The size of the penis, depending on the country of origin ...

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The human being presents a series of differences depending on the origin, race and evolution. One of the most curious is the size of the penis, it has been shown to vary depending on the country of origin. Let's see it.

The study of the Ulser University of Ireland

Penis size is one of the human conditions that has aroused the most interest throughout history. The ban has been opened by publishing a study conducted by the University of Ulser, in Ireland.

The research was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences and, since then, there has been much talk about the reliability of these results and what are the factors that influence it.

The study was conducted in a list of 25 countries and was carried out by a Norwegian researcher. The results confirmed that the British have a bigger penis than the French, although the Germans outperform both.

According to these studies on the penis and its size, men with the largest member turned out to be Congolese, while North Koreans and South Koreans are in the last place.

However, as they say, size does not matter. This means that for men it is not essential to have a large penis to complete a satisfactory sexual relationship.

Even so, it is an issue that tends to obsess the male sector a lot, since it can cause them a lot of insecurity. That is why these types of studies are looked at with magnifying glass and cause a lot of expectation.

In this case, it does not appear that the study throws anything new, but confirms some beliefs such as that the black race is usually larger than Europeans, while Asians tend to have it smaller.

It's something that the condom industry had previously studied, because the manufacture of prophylactics is also based on these sizes and the country in which they want to market them. Even so, it is curious to know some of the conclusions of this study.

Curiosities about the study of penis size

As research on the study of penis size shows, the erect penis of a Briton measures 13.9 cm and that of a Frenchman, 13.4 cm and that of an Irishman, 12.7 cm. These would be some of the data offered.

If we move from continents, that of an Australian has an average of 13.2 cm and that of an American, 12.9 cm. Countries with the smallest penis, according to the study, they are North Korea and South Korea, with an average of 9.6 cm.

The Congolese were the ones who proved to have the greatest virile member, with 18 cm. They are followed by Ecuadorians with 17.7 cm, Ghanaians with 17.2 cm and Colombians with 17 cm. Within the limits of Europe, it is curious that the Icelanders have also been those that seem to have the largest penis, with an average of 16.5 cm.

This confirms a topic that has accompanied us throughout history. This is that the black race usually has the largest penis, while Asians usually have smaller penises.

But why was this study carried out? The driver was Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Ulster. This is very popular because of its vision of the evolutionary pressures that have resulted in racial differences in intelligence.

The result, therefore, is not considered surprising, but rather predictable. However, many voices have emerged that have criticized the study and the methodology that has been followed. Thus, these voices argue that the study is not as reliable because the data was collected from websites.

In this table you can see an average of the average size according to each nationality.

Republic of the Congo - 18.0 cm

Ecuador - 17.7 cm

Ghana - 17.2

Colombia - 17.0 cm

Iceland - 16.5 cm

Italy - 15.7 cm

South Africa - 15.2 cm

Sweden - 14.9 cm

Greece - 14.7 cm

Germany - 14.5 cm

New Zealand - 13.9 cm

United Kingdom - 13.9 cm

Canada - 13.9 cm

Spain - 13.9 cm

France - 13.4 cm

Australia - 13.2 cm

Russia - 13.2 cm

United States - 12.9 cm

Ireland - 12.7 cm

Romania - 12.7 cm

China - 10.9 cm

India - 10.1 cm

Thailand - 10.1 cm

South Korea - 9.6 cm

North Korea - 9.6 cm

Anyway, as you could see, the penis size is different depending on the country of origin and especially of the race. This is due to the genetic code of each race, as well as other aspects that influence and differentiate human beings such as evolution itself.


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