Haloperidol, a widely used antipsychotic

Haloperidol, a widely used antipsychotic

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Haloperidol is a type of antipsychotic drug that is commonly used in medicine. It is one of the first medications that began to be used To treat mental illness. We will know better what it is, what applications it has and its importance in the field of mental disorders.

What is haloperidol?

The haloperidol It is a typical conventional antipsychotic drug, which is known as a neuroleptic. This medicine is part of butyrophenones, a chemical group of substances that is used to cope with psychopathic behaviors.

It is, therefore, a key medicine in the treatment of mental illnesses, in addition to being one of the first that began to be applied for this purpose. Dr. Janssen discovered it in the middle of the 20th century, inside Janssen Pharmaceutica laboratories.

And is that psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia are diseases with which a large number of people coexist. In addition to the suffering it causes in themselves, they are also a source of pain for those around them.

Some of them may represent a danger, so it is essential to apply such a treatment to control the functioning of your brain. That is why since the beginning of the century much was studied in this regard, until you find this medicine that, today, continues to be one of the most important that exists.

That same year, in Belgium, the first clinical trials were presented. From the first moment it proved to be a very suitable drug to treat some mental illnesses.

The way haloperidol works is as follows: this drug acts as a blocker of dopamine receptors We have in the brain. What dopamine does is increase its activity in the brain of people with psychotic disorders.

Psychotic disorders are defined as mental illnesses that cause the brain to not distinguish between real and imaginary ideas. When this drug is administered, a blockage of these receptors occurs.

Is considered one of the most used neuroleptics, with an average dose consumption of between 6 and 9 mg per day. At the level of how the metabolism assimilates it, it is a medicine that is metabolized in the liver.

For which diseases is haloperidol indicated?

Haloperidol, as we mentioned earlier, is a medication that is prescribed to patients who show psychotic disorders. One of these diseases is schizophrenia, a very difficult disease to treat.

Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental illnesses that exists. This affects basic brain functions, such as thinking and the perception of reality.

This causes emotions to occur in the affected person that he may not be able to control and lead him to have behaviors that can cause damage to him and his environment. Patients with this type of disorder completely lose the sense of reality and contact with her.

However, with this haloperidol it is possible to regulate this chronic mental disorder, one of the most serious that exists, and to somehow control the anomalous behaviors that it produces. In this way, it is possible to have under control and avoid the altered perception of reality in the sick.

In addition to treating schizophrenia, haloperidol is also used in other acute psychotic states. It is also indicated in psychomotor agitation states, manic states, panic disorders, anxiety, and even to help control stuttering.

Haloperidol is also used to control motor tics and also verbal tics (hence it is used for problems such as stuttering). In addition, it can be used in both adults and children with Tourette syndrome. This is a disease that is characterized by the presence of motor or verbal tics.

In spite of the good results this medicine has givenThere are also some contraindications. This is common in the field of antipsychotics in general, as they often have adverse side effects.

Some of the contraindications are that, by blocking dopamine receptors, motor disorders such as tremor at rest and a typical stiffness of Parkinson's can occur. This is something that needs to be assessed and what needs to be followed up.

Another of the adverse effects that are contemplated by the consumption of this drug is that causes severe drowsiness. They are medications that affect the usual functioning of the brain, which is why this type of side effects is very common.

Anyway, as you can see, haloperidol is a very common drug and known in the field of mental medicine. Its application allows a person who has a mental illness can see your quality of life improved significantly.