50 phrases of Camilo José Cela

50 phrases of Camilo José Cela

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Camilo José Cela and Trulock (1916 - 2002) was a prestigious, but also very controversial Galician writer. He worked as a novelist, journalist and essayist, as well as editor of literary magazines and lecturer.

He was an academic of the Royal Spanish Academy for 45 years. For his professional career he obtained the Prince of Asturias Awards of Letters in 1987, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1989, for what was said was “a rich and intensive prose, with a moderate compassion that constitutes a challenging vision of the vulnerability of man” and the Cervantes Prize in 1995. For his literary merits, in 1996 King Juan Carlos I granted him the marquisate of Iria Flavia, created ex professed.

In 2000, Camilo José Cela laid the first stone, along with Felipe Segovia Olmo, of the Camilo José Cela University, of which he is Honorary Rector.

Famous quotes by Camilo José Cela

Humor is the great armor with which one defends himself in this valley of tears.

It is better and healthier for the soul, it was said long ago, to wear out than to get moldy.

Autumn was about killing and winter was sweeping.

Death is sweet, but its anteroom is cruel.

He who resists wins.

Life is not just the beating heart. It is also the thought floating over the heart that has stopped beating.

For success there is plenty of talent; For happiness, not enough.

Why is time more gold than to see it go by stroking it?

The same leathers have all mortals at birth and yet, when we grow up, fate is pleased to vary as if we were wax.

An intellectual strike, which is an unlikely assumption, would paralyze the march of the world.

The bad thing about those who believe in possession of the truth is that when they have to prove it, they don't get one right.

Seven years after an event, the event is already another.

The inspiration is to work a good portion of hours.

To write you just have to have something to say.

In the triumphs always nest the cautious germ of defeat.

When I travel, what interests me most is the people, because only by talking with her is the environment known.

History teaches us two things: that the powerful never coincided with the best, and that politics was never woven by politicians.

Let us not use the language for war, and less for the war of tongues, but for peace, and especially for peace between languages. From the defense of the language, from all languages, comes its strength, and its literary and always progressive cultivation is based on its boom and its elastic and elegant validity.

Sometimes I think that the prize of those who write sleeps, shy and virginal, in the confused heart of the most distant reader.

It is not the same to be asleep as to be sleeping, as it is not the same to be fucked than to be fucking.

If the writer does not feel capable of starving, he must change his trade. The truth of the writer does not match the truth of those who distribute the gold.

We continue in the same useless resignations ... It is serious to confuse anesthesia with hope

Freedom is a sensation. Sometimes it can be reached locked in a cage, like a bird.

Death is of absolute vulgarity; All those born end up going through it.

Doubt, that vague little cloud that sometimes inhabits brains, can also be understood as a gift. And it is not - what is said - an assertion, since, about it, I also have my doubts.

Surrendering to blind anger is a sign that you are close to animality.

A carallo in time is a dialectical victory.

The bad thing about those who believe in possession of the truth is that when they have to prove it, they don't get one right.

For success there is plenty of talent; for happiness, not enough

The philosophy of the tramp rests on the need of nothing and the good spirit of accepting it without complaint.

I believe there is no time for anything; I think that if time is left over is because, since it is so little, we do not know what to do with it.

The nation's polysemy has been hampering the ability to agree on the future of the kingdom of Spain from the moment the 1978 Constitution was approved.

There are two kinds of men: those who make history and those who suffer from it.

The most noble function of a writer is to testify, as a notarial act and as a faithful chronicler, of the time he has had to live.

We continue in the same useless resignations ... It is serious to confuse anesthesia with hope ...

We live in the dictatorship of the official, who does not defend the idea but the payroll; which always gives greater arrests.

The truth is that artificial situations age rather quickly.

Nationalism is cured by traveling.

There is a lot of difference between adorning the meats with arrebol and cologne, and doing it with tattoos that nobody has to erase later.

I am, like a good Spaniard, pedro domiciliary.

In the service he learned to read, write and add, and lost his innocence.

Humor is the great armor with which one defends himself in this valley of tears.

We can't let decent people get on their beards.

It is also serious to take the noble radish of patience for the ruin, straight, cracked leaves, tremulous waivers.

There are also blood clocks; people often call them the heart

The world is your coffee, and around your coffee, everything else.

Death is something so wildly angry that only nudity, the elementary nudity, can split it from ridicule.

Chastity molds.

Culture and tradition are never ideological, they are always instinctive.

The language is the most effective of all weapons, it has already been said, and the most profitable of all investments: it is never too late for us to start putting our savings at the service of the future benefits that will be for everyone and that will serve everyone.

Clothes to clothes, stripped naked and without comfort, the six hurricanes of high sorrow surrendered to unused beds.

Thinking of old man overwhelms me and yet, thinking of young, healthy and arrogant young, seems so tasteless ...

I ask our governments for some money for this noble cause: that of the defense of our communication tool.

Don't start sneaking deep phrases!