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What is bonding and why is it so important?

What is bonding and why is it so important?

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From gestation, emotional bonds with the new being begin to be created, both with the father and the mother, these in many areas are referred to as bonding Sometimes due to ignorance or lack of experience as parents, there is a tendency to ignore unique moments in the life of a son or daughter, for this reason we will see a little more about what bonding is, what its characteristics are and why it is so important in establishing contact between the mother-son dyad or the mother-father-son triad.


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What is bonding?

We can define this term. Like any initial contact a mother or father has with their child, either prenatally, that is during pregnancy or when the baby is newborn. This contact is part of the initial link that this new being will establish with his parents (especially with the mother), since being helpless the newborn will look for a central reference figure that protects him in the unknown world that surrounds him. Gradually developing a protective instinct especially in the mother who is the one who had it within nine months and I create a special and unique relationship with that baby.

Biological preparation for motherhood

On a biological level, a woman's body when she becomes pregnant tends to produce hormonal changes, for several years ago there is a hypothesis that these changes seek to prepare the future mother in her new role when the birth occurs. A pregnant woman, that is to say a pregnant woman, when she maintains constant contact with her baby during this stage of pregnancy, will have the ability to develop what we popularly know as "maternal instinct" that ability that some mothers acquire to perceive the needs (physical and emotional) of their newborn child; thus allowing greater sensitivity to face it, together with the changes that this may imply.

Baby bonding hour

The moment immediately after delivery (either naturally or by caesarean section) in which father and mother hug their baby excitedly it is known as “baby bonding hour, that initial moment in which that newborn begins to perceive through his senses all the love he initially knew in the womb. Expressed through hugs, kisses, looks full of tenderness and other manifestations; which we can summarize in that phrase that many parents say when they have their newborn in their arms for the first time "I want to eat it with kisses."

Bonding is a step by step

As everything in life, that bonding or initial contact is a process that is gradually strengthening, that is to say, it is like a plant that we have at home, it is necessary to water it with water every day, take care of it and protect it; in the same way with a newborn every time you talk to him with love, give him a kiss, hug him and consent to it, make that initial bond increasingly bigger and stronger. Little by little, as your baby grows, he responds to that contact, this can be seen for example when the baby lies on the mother's breast after being fed or with the father when his newborn son barely sees the father lift him arms in signal that he wants to be loaded to be near him.

In conclusion…

Both the father and mother from pregnancy should ensure that time is spent on the son who is on the way, not only at the level of medical care, food and sleep; but also regarding psychological development. Through touch, sound and all sensory channels, try to maintain direct contact with your baby so that they know each other little by little during the initial 9 months and when the time of birth comes there is no fear, only joy and much love for prove to that new family member that he waited so long. In the simple but unique moments such as bathing, dressing, feeding, sleeping or playing with him / her, it is ideal to feed that maternal and paternal-child relationship through bonding.

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