The phone call

The phone call

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Dr. Art tells the following story:

"I just talked on the phone with my brother. He had no idea where I was when we started the conversation. As soon as I said" here is September 9 "he replied:" I know where you are "and he was right in which country I I found. "

In which country was Dr. Art?


In order for the doctor's brother to be able to guess the country in which Dr. Art is located when he knows the date he is in, it must be given the fact that due to the different world time zones, he is in a country (which must also be the only one) in which the date is September 9 while the other countries the date must be different.

Kiribati It is the only country with GMT +14, which is always the first country to "release" every day and does it alone. Therefore it is the only place in the world where we can find ourselves on a different date than the rest of the countries and therefore the only place where we are able to know the location knowing only the date data.

Interestingly, Kiribati advanced the time of several of its islands to be the first country to receive the year 2000.