The geomagic square VI

The geomagic square VI

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The image shows an incomplete geomagic square. Similar to the magic squares in which when adding all the numbers of a row, column or diagonal we always get the same result, in this geomagic square if we put all the pieces of a row, column or diagonal together we always get the figure that appears on the sidelines

Each figure is formed by the number of squares indicated in the box taking into account that if we have two halves of square they will add a square. In this geomagic square all the numbers from 1 to 16 must appear, which in turn must form a conventional magic square.

Some of the figures and numbers have disappeared. Find the missing figures and numbers to complete the geomagic square.

Extracted from the page where you will find many geomagic squares.


The following image shows the solution:


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