Desigining an online survey with two levels of randomisation

Desigining an online survey with two levels of randomisation

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I'm trying to create an online survey where the participant hears a series of randomly determined sound files and rates each of them on a likert scale.

We will have around 1000 participants, each hearing 10 randomly determined sounds, with the following condition:

The sound files each depend on two variables and there is one file for each combination:
e.g. If the two variable can take the values [A, B, C] and [1, 2, 3] respectively then there would be 9 possible sound files: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3.

I want each participant to hear an example of each variable exactly once. e.g.
A2, C3, B1 and B2, A1, C3 are both valid series of sounds (no letters or numbers are repeated)
C1, C2, A3 and A3, C1, B3 are not valid series (a letter or number has been repeated).

[In my case I have 10 values of each random variable, 100 sound files].

I've tried Qualtrics and REDCap but cannot see how to do this sort of randomization. Is there an online survey creation tool that supports this functionality?
or failing that, can anyone explain how to to this in Qualtics/REDCap?

[I originally asked this question I academia and was advised this was a more appropriate place to ask.]

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