The butts of the tramp

The butts of the tramp

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A wanderer who has no tobacco or money to buy looks for cigarette butts around the city. He knows that every seven butts he finds will allow him to make a whole cigarette. Today he is in luck, as he has collected 49 butts in a nearby park.

Satisfied by his finding, he starts smoking so that every 45 minutes he consumes a cigarette.

Do you know how many hours the tobacco of the 49 butts will last?


It will have for 6 hours in total.
With the 49 butts will make 7 cigarettes that will last 5 hours and 15 minutes but as each cigarette, once smoked, provides a new cigarette butt and 7 can be made another.

Therefore, there will be 8 cigarettes that you will smoke and the 8 will last 6 hours.