The quilt of scraps

The quilt of scraps

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Here you can see the quilt of scraps made by a faithful parishioners for the good parish priest of his village church. Each parishioner contributed a scrap consisting of one or more small squares that formed a single perfect square with each other and the set of all the pieces formed such a beautiful quilt that it almost upset our beloved parish priest.

If only one of the parishioners had not had her perfectly stitched and visible patch on the quilt, the disgust would have been capitalized, so that fitting all remnants of different sizes into the quilt became a thorough study.

By the way, I have to mention that since each member contributed a square, you will know how many parishioners there were when you discovered the least amount of squares possible in which the quilt of the image can be divided.


The following figure shows how a 13 × 13 quilt can be divided into 11 squares, which is the smallest number of pieces into which it can be divided without breaking the checkered design. It is a complicated puzzle and those who have come up with the answer is because they find a mathematical principle closely related to the square root.


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