Pedaling against the wind

Pedaling against the wind

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This problem will interest children and adults, also teachers since the most popular solution is incorrect, because the principle of the problem in question is usually not very well understood.

A cyclist drove one mile for every 3 minutes in favor of the wind, and returned in four minutes against the wind.

How much could I go per mile if it wasn't windy?


It is often interpreted that if 3 + 4 is 7 and we average, we will know the correct average. But this answer is incorrect, since the wind has helped him only for three minutes, and has been against him for 4.

If I could go 3 miles per minute with the wind in favor, it is clear that I could go three miles and 1/3 in 4 minutes and one mile in 4 minutes against the wind. So 2 and 1/3 miles in 8 minutes gives us its real speed, because the wind has hurt as much as it has helped, so its speed per mile without any wind will be 3 minutes and 26 seconds.