The elevator problem

The elevator problem

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Four people enter an elevator that can carry 380kg. So that the alarm does not sound, which would stop the elevator due to excess weight, its total weight has to be calculated. To know we have the following data:

  • Pedro is the one who weighs the most; if each of them weighed as much as he, the alarm would sound.
  • Alex is the lightest; The elevator could hold up to five like him.
  • David weighs 14 kg less than Pedro, but only 6 less than Daniel.
  • Daniel weighs 17kg more than Alex.
  • The weight of Pedro and Alex is a multiple of 5.

Will the elevator bear the weight of the 4?


Pedro weighs 100, Alex 75, David 86 and Daniel 92; therefore the lift will hold the total 353kg.


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