Famous quotes by Ramón Llull

Famous quotes by Ramón Llull

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Ramón Llull (1232-1315) was a theologian, philosopher, poet, inventor and Majorcan missionary, who is credited with having used this language in writing for the first time.

Ramón Llull is also credited with being one of the pioneers in writing in Latin vulgar (Neo-Latin language) texts philosophical Y scientists, in addition to novels.

Finally, there are those who argue that Ramón Llull is the inventor of the Wind Rose and the Night.

Famous quotes by Ramón Llull

"Love is born of memory, lives of intelligence and dies of oblivion."

"Patience starts crying and laughs in the end."

"How what you know is not as much as what you don't know, don't talk much."

"Who is compassionate does not laugh."

"By prudence you will know yourself."

"The lazy man recently and asks a lot."

"Be afraid every time you don't tell the truth."

"The arrogant does not know himself or others."

"The gentleman is the man who, using force, works for peace."

"Love is that which to those who are free reduces slavery, and slaves sets free."

"He who does not possess himself is extremely poor."

"Love is that thing that puts the servants into servitude and gives freedom to servants."

"A great need, great diligence."

“The paths of loyalty are always straight”

"Do not believe yourself saved only by your goodness."

"The poor man endowed with hope lives better than the rich man without her."

"It causes strangeness that, in the science of law, the rights of reason are violated."

"Justice will provide you with peace, and also jobs."

"Since it is more what you ignore than what you know, don't talk much."

"Don't know your partner about you more than you know about him."

"Who lives modestly, rests in his work."

"If the science of law were reduced to general principles, it would be learned right away."

"With patience the impatient are defeated and overcome"

“Love moves; fear retracts ”

"Be afraid every time you don't tell the truth."

"Diligence spends few words and needs few food."

“Amar is a riotous sea of ​​waves and winds without a port or a riverbank.”

"There is no virtue without order."

"The angry man is not capable of good defense."

"If you cannot punish by giving, punish by removing."

"The envious, his envy kills him all day."

"Before let your relatives send in your house, than your wife's."

"Do not erase your lord more than it is convenient for both of you."

"Try to keep your dog from biting your neighbor's."

"He who is loyal raises his gaze with humility, and he who is disloyal, with pride."

"Enemy who is by your vices, make him a friend by your virtue."

"Proportion is beauty in the order of measures."

"Whoever obeys for love does not live in hard jail."

“The will decides; conscience threatens. ”

“After great war, great peace; after weak peace, great war. ”

"If you marry to gain more consideration, do not establish excessive familiarity with your wife."

“Taking a woman for a month is very dangerous; more than taking it for one night, but much less dangerous than taking it for a lifetime. ”

"The conditions of love are that the friend has suffered, feels, humble, numerous, people, confident, and that he risks great dangers to honor his beloved."

"God give me wise companions, devotees, humble, faithful, sane, in seeking their honor."

"Whoever loses God cannot have virtue."