The Slow Sex

The Slow Sex

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There is no right way to enjoy sex. Sexuality is something personal and everyone enjoys it in their own way. There are those who look for passion in each encounter and there are people who are more interested in quiet sex, caresses, knowing their body and that of their lover in a sensual experience without a clock, enjoying every detail.

We live in the society of immediacy, and this rush to live things we have moved to all areas of life and sexuality is no exception. These hurries just end the passion, turning sex into something routine, boring and disappointing.

When the couple has been together for some time, sexual relations tend to become monotonous if they do not intervene in them. The idea of ​​Slow Sex is to break with this monotony and that sex is again something exciting and fun.

In this sexual practice, orgasm should not be the goal. Slow Sex, which is nothing more than practicing sex slowly, is enjoyed every moment, thus getting a much more intense and pleasant experience, by delaying orgasm and ejaculation, orgasm will become the culmination of a super pleasurable sex session.


  • 1 Is Slow Sex the same as tantric sex?
  • 2 Benefits of practicing Slow Sex
  • 3 How to practice Slow Sex

Is Slow Sex the same as tantric sex?

Slow Sex has similarities to tantric sex, but they are not the same. Tantric sex has a whole philosophy of life behind it and is not suitable for everyone, unlike Slow Sex, which is much easier to practice.

What both practices share is that they understand sexuality as an integral experience that includes the body, soul, emotions and that is not limited to the genital experience.

Benefits of practicing Slow Sex

The main benefit of this type of sex is that it not only allows you to have a longer and more intense pleasure, but also improve our health, for example:

  • Exercise is done

When we are enjoying sex we are doing sports, so we are improving the functioning of the heart.

  • It is antidepressant

It allows the activation of certain neurotransmitters that work as an antidepressant. During sex, the oxytocin that is the love hormone increases, and this produces calm and reduces stress.

  • Improve the relationship with the other person

As we are relaxed this helps to establish ties with others.

  • It improves the condition of the skin

Promotes blood circulation and toxins are reduced.

How to practice Slow Sex

Like everything in sex, there is no single way to practice Slow Sex, but there are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Find the moment. The fundamental thing in Slow Sex is, above all, to have time. That is why to practice it it is better that no member of the couple has their head somewhere else, an ideal time is a weekend without obligations or during the holidays. You can create a cozy atmosphere with sensual music.
  • Know our body and know the couple's body. For the experience to be satisfactory it is essential to know the body of oneself and the body of the couple.
  • Sex is much more than penetration. Exploring the couple's erogenous zones is a way to discover body parts that are not usually eroticized.
  • Stop during sexNot only is orgasm delayed, but it is gained in confidence, looking into each other's eyes, talking about what you like and what you don't.
  • Do not use your hands to give pleasure. It will be a challenge and surely sex will be much more fun.
  • Play with the senses, aromatic oils, food, ice to wake up sensitive areas. The combinations are endless. A blindfold or one being tied while the other plays with your body will intensify the sensations.
  • Add sex toys, an example would be a vibrator to play externally, trying to get as far away from the genitals. Also the erotic lingerie will help raise the temperature.
  • Innovate. For example, foot massages, in the anus, perform oral sex stimulating the areas around the genitals such as the perineum.
  • The looks and the breath. For this type of sexual experience you have to be present, so eye contact is essential. Also a deep breath and that puts us in the here and now will help us to focus on what we are living and make it easier to forget about daily worries.

And above all, forget about those premises that do not allow us to enjoy this type of sex, as it is necessary to reach orgasm or try to achieve simultaneous orgasm. The important thing is to share a moment of connection and enjoy with the other person

Slow Sex is focused more on the process than on the goal, so it has no rules, the only one is to be with the couple and enjoy each kiss and each caress.


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