Famous phrases of Nicolás Boileau

Famous phrases of Nicolás Boileau

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Nicolás Boileau Despréaux He was a French poet and critic who lived between 1636 and 1711. He studied law and theology at the Sorbonne University. He worked as a lawyer for a while, but later devoted himself to theology. However, when his father died and received a large inheritance, he devoted himself to living on income and writing poetry and literary essays.

Nicolas Boileau was one of the main exponents of the french poetry 17th century and one of the leaders of the clan of Ancient, in the debate between Old and Modern in the France of the time. These clans defended two different ways of writing and feeling the poetry.

Famous phrases of Nicolás Boileau

“Time flees and drags us with it. This moment I speak is gone. ”

"Wisdom is a tranquility of the soul that for nothing can be disturbed and that no desire inflames."

"Every age has its pleasures, its reason and its customs."

"Love whoever advises you, not who praise you."

"I always try to be very punctual, because I have observed that the defects of a person are reflected very vividly in the memory of those who wait for them."

“Money lends an appearance of beauty even to ugliness. Poverty, on the other hand, makes everything horrible. ”

"Ignorance is always ready to be admired."

"Whoever is content with nothing possesses everything."

"Often the fear of an evil leads us to fall into a worse one."

"Who does not know how to concentrate, will never know how to write."

"The heavy burden of having nothing to do."

"Resume your work twenty times, polish it endlessly and polish it again."

"In a word: to look like an honest man, what it takes is to be."

“Everything should tend to make good sense, but the path that leads to it is slippery and difficult to follow: to deviate a bit is to sink. Many times, Reason has only one path to go. ”

"Since you praise his verses, at least despise mine."

"Everything when poverty touches becomes horrible."

“Anger is proud and needs words arrogant; the dejection is expressed with less haughty terms. ”

"The true may sometimes not be plausible."

"All men are crazy and, despite their care, they only differ in that some are crazier than others."

"The wisest is who, ignoring it, is ignorant."

"The honor is a steep island without banks: He who has fallen from it, can not rise again."

"Before writing, learn to think."

"I prefer ignorance to an affected knowledge."

"It is little to be a poet: you have to be in love."

"Become friends willing to censor you."

"Be a severe critic for yourself."

"The fool always finds another much greater than admire him."

"A perfect sonnet is worth a long poem."

"The spirit that has been involved in an intrigue, never feels so vividly touched, as suddenly knowing the truth of a secret that changes everything, and gives everything an unexpected face."

"There is nothing more beautiful than the truth and only she is kind."


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