Vanity: What are the traits of a vain person?

Vanity: What are the traits of a vain person?

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In today's article, we are going to talk about vanity, and, more specifically, what are the traits that a vain person has. In this way, you will find it much easier to identify and deal with them.

The traits of vain and arrogant people

Next, we mention what are the main features of vain and arrogant people:

They think they are right constantly

The vain people, since they are marked by a certain narcissism (and narcissism is nothing more than the belief of being right by simply being who they are), They tend to believe that they are right in all the discussions they have.

That is why, frequently, arrogant and vain people try to argue and defend their views through fallacies of authority ... Putting themselves as authority!

They pay attention to their public image (although they don't notice it)

Vanity and pride are directly related to the opinion that others have, so the feedback that a vain person receives from other people is essential for their self-esteem.

However, at the same time, they try to appear indifferent to what others think, and they do this for two reasons: The first, who knows that naturalness is valued positively; the second, that interest in what others think would imply weakness.

They get angry easily

Since they try to fake an idealized version of themselves, It is difficult to communicate with them without friction. Any small detail can cause a monumental anger, to discuss something that, for them, is fundamental in their disguise.

For example, if they are not given enough attention in a group, unconsciously, the vain person will look for some reason to confront someone in the group and, in this way, get attention.

They express themselves theatrically

Most arrogant and vain people they express themselves in a completely theatrical way. That is, when they speak, they gesture in a way that almost seems taken from the world of performing arts.

This is done to capture the attention of the other, because a vain and arrogant person, as you have seen so far, is a person who constantly needs the attention and validation of others.

Instrumentalize others

Vanity has a certain relationship with narcissism, and narcissism has a certain relationship with psychopathy (since it is considered that the only important one is oneself and others are reified, as if they were objects for self-satisfaction).

This obviously does not have to mean that your vain friend is a serial killer. Quiet. However, it is possible that you have some psychopathic trait and shop to treat others for their own benefit, without being interested in them as people.

Competitiveness in social networks

The world of social networks has allowed the vain to have much more travel, and here you have to stop a little more than in the previous points, because there are several interesting aspects to consider.

First, It should be noted that social networks have allowed more vain. Why? Well, for the simple reason that many people try to build that idealized version of themselves on social networks.

And, of course, if you build an idealized version of yourself on the street, there will be other people who lower your fumes constantly, reminding you that you are not that person you claim to be.

On the other hand, in social networks people have it much easier: If someone questions them that idealized image of themselves, They can block that person, and the problem is over. You can continue with the character.

Therefore, there are many more vain.

But, beyond there being more vain ... How do they behave?

Well, basically competing for the number of followers, creating strategies to gain more visibility and building a showcase. Unlike normal people, they don't use their networks to communicate with others.

To give you an idea, they behave as a famous person would, with the difference that they are not. That is why it is very easy to identify a vain person on social networks.

He is the typical person that comes to your profile and thinks “It must be some famous that I don't know" And, when you do some research, you see that no, that He is a normal person who acts like a famous person.

Incidentally: Sometimes, these people can have great traction in social networks, so that they end up being famous for acting as celebrities. But these are only a minority.

As you can see, the vanity It is a fairly frequent personality trait that goes well beyond the simple stereotype that has been given socially at the end. Traits of vain people tend to be closely related to narcissism and megalomania.